Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mixed Media Art Journal Cloth/Paper Quilt

Hello wonderful members, as I was surfing the net I came across a wonderful website called I was intrigued at a piece of art they have for sale there called paper quilting. I started to think how wonderful it is when a community comes together to create a spectacular piece of art that has many hands and thoughts and energy involved. So why not us!! :) 
This is my vision... I would like us all to become a oneness,  creating 6"x 6" pieces of mixed media art with a theme every 2 weeks to send to one another on a piece of cloth or paper. The type of cloth or paper is completely up to you, just remember the ultimate result is being able to attach the pieces together to create a wall quilt. 
I have given a sample of inspiration below from the website. This piece of art just struck my whole inner being and I feel that art is just that, inspiration to others! I do not want to us to copy this piece of art, rather use it as inspiration for our own mixed media journal quilt wall display. 
I am VERY excited about this project and I know you will be too! What a wonderful way for us to have a piece of one another's art as a display of energy! This is how it will work... The first 2 weeks the theme will be GRATITUDE. on a piece of 6" x 6" piece of cloth or paper we will journal whatever comes to mind and soul for the word Gratitude. We will send out pieces out ( like a swap) to one another until we all have enough pieces to create our keepsake mixed media art journal quilt. Please click on this link to take you to this wonderful Journey

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