Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Join the art challenge at Craftylink.com

In this challenge we will use what we have in our stash piles, stock, and anything else we can use to create a piece that talks about your thoughts where you are right now. If you have been not creating lately, or you have been creating lately and you want to press the limits a bit more, this challenge is for you. 
The goal is to use up things around you without having to buy ANYTHING! This can be honestly anything, from scraps, to paper towels, to junk mail, to food, to anything your heart desires. This challenge is designed to help motive you into a new world of exploring different options in arts and crafts, breaking through the silence :)
You can use anything for your substrate, meaning, if you want to use junk mail for your background then go ahead, if you want to use paper plates, go head. There is no limits, in fact I am hoping you will press through those limitations. This jump start is only the beginning of what is about to come and what you can make and create using things you would have never thought of before. 
I can't wait to see your exciting pieces! Please don't forget to add some words to your piece, add your thoughts, whatever those might be at this time. 

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